our lymphatic fluid is the first tissue in a 7 layer chain of tissues feeding everything we know to be ourselves. it is the fluid our hormones flow through and our lymphatic rivers are the avenues through which our body unloads things it doesn't need anymore . it is fairly mysterious while also dramatically affecting our experience, speaking to us through our pain levels and our energy levels.

too often I meet people who feel "out of touch" literally with their own bodies. its not easy in a culture where healthy touch isn't really taught or widely understood to be beneficial for our health and wellbeing. touching our own bodies is even somewhat taboo.

well, NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







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  • what the lymphatic system is and how it works
  • elemental theory, anatomy and asessment
  • building relationship with yr internal organs
  • elemental energetics of different carrier oils
  • diy infused oils and salt scrubs
  • herby steams above and below
  • different self massage tools and their traditions and textures
  • applied learning~guided self massage